Why does wood need to be dried to a moisture content of 8-12%?


 Wood Drying Kiln

Wood contains a lot of organic matter and nutritious inorganic matter, which is especially suitable for the growth and reproduction of wood-rot fungi, discoloration fungi, and insects.

Three conditions for the parasitism of wood-rot fungi and color-changing fungi:

① Suitable temperature. The optimum growth temperature for fungi is 24.4-30°C.

②Oxygen supply. Sufficient supply of oxygen is also one of the conditions for fungal growth.

③Appropriate wood moisture content. Generally speaking, the moisture content of 30-40% is the most suitable for the growth of wood rot fungi. If one of the above three conditions is not met, the fungus cannot survive. The method we adopt is to degrease and dry the wood at high temperature.

High temperature degreasing and drying has five functions:

The first is to reduce the moisture content of wood to 8-12%, which is not suitable for fungal growth, achieves the purpose of antisepsis, and is convenient for storage;

The second is to kill insects and eggs through high temperature to achieve the purpose of eliminating pests;

Third, reducing the moisture content of wood to 8-12% in balance with the moisture content in the air can make the moisture content of wood balance and stabilize at a low level, so that the shrinkage and swelling of wood are relatively stable;

Fourth, after high-temperature degreasing, many components in the wood have changed. After drying, the swelling and shrinkage properties of the wood can be reduced, and the stress of the wood is more balanced and the material properties are more stable.

Fifth, pine wood with resin can remove most of the resin from the inside of the board through high temperature, that is, degreasing treatment.

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