Wood Carbonizating Kiln

  • Special kiln for carbonization of bamboo chips

    Special kiln for carbonization of bamboo chips

    1 The quality of the product has been significantly improved, basically solving the problem of carbon in the bamboo strips.
    2 The production process is standardized, standardized and simple to operate.
    3. Save more operating costs and labor costs. According to feedback from various manufacturers, the cost is reduced by more than 70%.
    4. The specifications of the carbonization kiln can be customized according to customer needs, and micro-pressure or normal pressure equipment can be selected at the same time.

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    High Frequency Vacuum Wood Carbonizating Kiln

    High Frequency Vacuum Wood Carbonizating Kiln

    8 benefits of wood carbonization:
    1.Material size is stable, not easy to crack, not easy to deform.
    2.Clean air indoor, only absorbed, not released.
    3.Strengthen the effect of oil decoration, make the products more beautiful and have better light sense.
    4.The product senses are stronger, increase the plane stereoscopic effect.
    5.Improve air quality and adjust indoor temperature and humidity naturally.
    6. Increasing unit productivity makes it easier to make lumber and mill.
    7. Reduce equipment loss, planer and sander efficiency is higher.
    8.Reduce the cost of consumption and increase the efficiency of sculpture and grinding by at least 40%.

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