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  • 1503-2023

    Selection of wood drying room

    The quality of the drying room can be measured by technical and economic performance. But technical and economic performance is not the only basis for choosing a drying room. Different types of drying rooms have different applicability, which must be determined according to the scale of the enterprise, energy conditions, characteristics and quality of the wood to be dried.

  • 0803-2023

    Characteristics of wood drying industry

    Since the reform and opening up, my country's wood drying industry has developed rapidly. At present, it has become a complete industry system. Especially in recent years, with the gradual increase in the amount of wood used in my country, the wood drying market can be described as prosperous, which has brought a good opportunity for the rapid development of my country's wood drying industry. At present, my country's wood drying industry has the following characteristics:

  • 0103-2023

    Classification of wood drying rooms (2)

    Dry rooms are generally classified according to the following main characteristics.

  • 2202-2023

    Shell structure of wood drying chamber

    The temperature and humidity of the gas medium in the wood drying chamber vary widely, the general working temperature is -30-100°C, the high temperature drying and superheated steam drying can be as high as 120°C, and the relative humidity is up to 100%. In addition, the drying medium also contains acidic substances such as formic acid, acetic acid, and tannin evaporated from the wood, and is continuously circulated indoors at a certain airflow speed. Therefore, the object of the drying room should have good heat preservation, sealing, and corrosion resistance. and anti-aging properties.

  • 2002-2023

    Metal structure shell drying kiln

    Modern metal shell wood drying rooms are almost all made of aluminum alloy materials. They have a beautiful appearance and can be used to build various large drying rooms in the open air.

  • 1302-2023

    Chilean old customer orders shipped

    Conventional aluminium alloy drying kiln,Exported to Chile, South America, packing and shipping tidbits!Made in China, old customers repurchase! I am grateful to meet every customer, every order is due to trust and recognition, and every satisfaction comes from quality!

  • 0602-2023

    Furnace gas drying room

    Furnace gas drying chamber is a general term for various drying chambers with furnace gas as the heat source. According to the different heating methods, it can be divided into three types: furnace gas drying room, furnace gas indirect heating drying room and hot air drying room.

  • 1801-2023

    Requirements for wood drying control systems

    The requirement of the wood drying control system is to meet the control purpose to the greatest extent, and it should have the following characteristics:

  • 1912-2022

    Old Chilean customers place new orders

    In January of this year, the Chilean customer placed the first order, and this month, the customer placed another order, thank you for your trust.

  • 1212-2022

    Timber spacer

    In the pile, two adjacent layers of wood should be evenly separated by spacers, forming a horizontal airflow channel at the height of the pile. In the middle of these passages, the drying medium and the surface of the wood carry out heat and moisture exchange that is conducive to the gradual drying of the wood.

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