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  • 2311-2022

    Periodic forced circulation drying room

    Compared with the continuous type, the periodic type has great flexibility, wide adaptability, easy adjustment of temperature and moderate temperature, and can perform humidity control treatment, while the forced circulation is more uniform than the natural circulation, and the loading quantity is large, the drying time is short, and the drying efficiency is high. . Therefore, periodic circulation drying chambers are often used in production. There are many structural forms of this type of drying chamber, and their performance characteristics are not nearly the same. Periodic forced circulation drying is divided into four types according to the arrangement of fans in the drying room: indoor top fan type, indoor side fan type, indoor end fan type and jet type.

  • 1411-2022

    Certificate Renewal

    In October and November of this year, the company updated some certificates

  • 0711-2022

    Daily equipment maintenance of heat pump dryer

    The working capacity of the heat pump dryer is related to the environment in which it is used. After one year of continuous use, the interior of the heat pump dryer unit may become dirty and the working capacity will decrease. Therefore, special equipment inspection and equipment maintenance must be carried out. For this kind of inspection and maintenance work, it is recommended that you contact the heat pump dryer manufacturer or its maintenance department. Users should pay attention when using and maintaining this unit: all safety protection devices in the unit are set before leaving the factory, and do not adjust it by yourself. .

  • 0211-2022

    The working principle of the rapid drying kiln for coniferous wood

    1. Preheating treatment: First, the control system only opens the steam injection valve, and preheats by steam injection through the evaporation water tank in the kiln. The dry bulb temperature (Td) and the wet bulb temperature (Tw) in the kiln rise synchronously. The rapid 3-hour steam injection makes the drying medium in the kiln reach Td = Tw = 9 0 ℃ or more. Then, depending on the thickness of the dry sheet, keep it for different times to preheat the sheet.

  • 3110-2022

    new African market - Cameroon

    After several months of unremitting efforts, the African Cameroon company signed a cooperation agreement with our company.

  • 2610-2022

    Thermal modification of wood (charring treatment)

    Thermal modification of wood: heating the wood, resulting in a certain degree of degradation of the wood components, resulting in the desired improvement of the wood properties

  • 1710-2022

    Various drying methods and characteristics

    Wood drying is the process with the largest energy consumption in the processing of wood products. In my country, wood drying accounts for 40%-70% of the total energy consumption. Therefore, the energy saving of the drying process becomes particularly important. The current drying methods (using moist air as the medium) include: atmospheric drying, conventional room drying, dehumidification drying, solar drying, vacuum drying, etc.

  • 0510-2022

    Safety issues in the production process of wood dryers should be taken seriously

    The wood dryer equipment is a large-scale equipment with various operations, and the safety issues in the production process of the wood dryer should be taken seriously. Production must be safe, and safety can lead to normal production. In the general environment, when safety and production conflict (such as personal and mechanical), the first thing to obey is safety

  • 2109-2022

    The main method for determining the moisture content of wood

    Production units usually use the gravimetric method and the electrical measurement method

  • 1909-2022

    What is carbonized wood?

    Carbonized wood is a wood that is subjected to short-term pyrolysis modification treatment at a temperature of 180°C to 250°C in order to improve the dimensional stability and durability of wood in an environment that blocks oxidation and hydrolysis reactions.

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