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 Sawn Timber Drying Equipment

Since the reform and opening up, my country's wood drying industry has developed rapidly. At present, it has become a complete industry system. Especially in recent years, with the gradual increase in the amount of wood used in my country, the wood drying market can be described as prosperous, which has brought a good opportunity for the rapid development of my country's wood drying industry. At present, my country's wood drying industry has the following characteristics:

  1. The drying awareness of wood processing enterprises is enhanced. The quality of wood products cannot be guaranteed by simple air-drying or smoke-drying wood, which is the consensus of wood processing enterprises. The investment of enterprises in drying equipment has increased significantly. In addition, drying is no longer simply a workshop section for wood processing enterprises to serve themselves, but has become a relatively independent industry, and drying wood has entered the market. At present, my country has built nearly a hundred timber drying franchised enterprises in Suifenhe, Manzhouli and other timber distribution centers to provide the society with dry timber.

  2. The drying method presents a diversified pattern of conventional drying, dehumidification drying, solar drying, vacuum drying, high frequency drying, microwave drying, furnace gas drying and other drying methods. Among them, the wood drying franchise enterprises mostly adopt large-capacity conventional drying, while the self-use drying rooms of wood processing enterprises are different in drying methods due to the different species, quantity, quality requirements and geographical location of the wood they dry. have.

  3. The situation of centralized processing and centralized drying has initially formed. With the implementation of my country's "Natural Forest Resources Protection Project" and the increase in wood consumption year by year, the amount of imported wood has continued to increase. The export of logs is limited by transportation costs and port city capacity, forcing wood processing companies to settle in port cities or establish raw material processing bases. This objectively forms a timber city with concentrated processing and concentrated drying. And this is the business model respected by the world. In this sense, my country's wood drying industry has embarked on a road of healthy development.

  4. The drying capacity continues to grow. Taking Suifenhe City as an example, there were 4 drying rooms in 1998, with a total design loading volume of 300m3; in 2002, there were 126 drying rooms, with a total design loading volume of 9925m3; by 2004, there were nearly 400 drying rooms, and the total design volume The loading volume is about 32000m3.

  5. The scientific and technological content of drying equipment continues to increase, and the performance continues to improve. Newly built drying rooms mostly use all-metal shells, "three-proof" indoor motors, composite tube high-efficiency heaters, hanging single-leaf doors, automatic and manual dual detection and control systems, and forklift loading and unloading. The anti-corrosion, manufacturability, heat preservation, airtightness and reliability of the drying room are all significantly improved.

  6. Standardized management standards for wood drying are basically complete. In the past 20 years, my country has successively promulgated "Sawn Timber Drying Quality", "Sawn Timber Kiln Drying Process", "Sawn Timber Air Drying Process", "Wood Drying Engineering Design Specifications", wood Standards and norms such as "Drying Terminology", "General Technical Conditions for Sawn Timber Drying Equipment", "Performance Test Method for Sawn Timber Drying Equipment", "Wood Drying Room (Machine) Model Compilation Method", etc., make the standardized development of wood drying technology in my country legal It can be relied on, and the wood drying equipment in my country has gradually become standardized.

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