Preventive Maintenance of Wood Drying Equipment


Preventive maintenance is to regularly lubricate, clean, inspect, adjust and replace some key predicted wear and tear parts in various systems of wood drying equipment. The purpose is to prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the loss of shutdown and excessive operation, so that the equipment will not be repaired until it is completely damaged.

 Preventive Maintenance of Wood Drying Equipment


The preventive maintenance of wood drying equipment can be started from the following aspects

1. Conytol System

• The working environment of the drying kiln controller and the strong electric control cabinet should be clean and dry to avoid high temperature.The working environment should be cleaned every day. If conditions permit, install air conditioning in control room.

• Before put into the kiln, it is necessary to check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient and whether the water supply in the wet bulb tank is normal. Every time the wood is put into the kiln, check whether the water content wire is damaged, whether the connector is loose, and whether the water content probe is bent. If so, timely maintenance or replacement.

• We should check the working condition of the strong current control cabinet every day.And notify the professional maintenance personnel to remove the malfunction in time when there is any abnormal phenomena.Professional maintenance personnel should regularly inspect the electrical components in the strong current control cabinet, find abnormal phenomena, and replace them in time to avoid irreversible serious damage to the controlled executive components.

• When the control system sends out a fault alarm, we should check the cause of the alarm with the professional maintenance personnel,remove the fault in time,and ensure the normal operation of the system.

• If the control system adopts series products like M800B,the system has the function of anti-freezing in winter.In winter,if the drying kiln does not work,we just need to ture on the power switch of the controller,the control system can automatically perform the anti-freezing function to prevent the pipeline from cracking due to the ice in the pipeline caused by low temperature.

• If the control system adopts XN series products, in winter, when the drying kiln does not work, in order to prevent pipeline from cracking due to freezing caused by low temperature, manual micro-opening heating and spraying bypass valve can make a small amount of steam or hot water flow. Or simply empty condensate from all pipes.


2. Heating and spraying systems

• Common failures of heating and spraying systems are mainly steam or hot water leakage, poor heating caused by filter blockage, etc.

• In case of leakage, the main valve should be closed in time. If the leakage point is at the flange connection, only the bolts need to be tightened. If the flange gasket is damaged or the weld leaks out, the steam or hot water in the pipeline must be exhausted, and then the flange gasket should be replaced or the leakage should be re-welded by a professional welder.

• After repairing, it is necessary to carry out pressure resistant test, that is,to connect steam or hot water for trial operation,to check whether the welding is firm or not.If the valve,elbow or pipeline leaks due to trachoma,the part must be replaced.

• Regular cleaning of filters.The filter of heating and spraying system is to protect the electric valve and solenoid valve so as to avoid the difficulty of opening and closing the electric valve and solenoid valve caused by the blockage of fine impurities.Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly.The cleaning time is generally set as:the first cleaning on the fifth day after the start of drying equipment;the second cleaning ten days after the first cleaning;the third cleaning twenty days after the second cleaning;the next cleaning once a month, every three months after a year.It can also shorten the cleaning time interval depending on the cleanliness of steam or hot water and pipeline.If the filter is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

• If the heat source of the drying kiln is steam, the drainage system is installed at the end of the pipe, and the filter of the drainage device must be cleaned. The cleaning method and time are the same as the above.

• Warning:When cleaning the filters and traps of heating and spraying systems,whether the drying kiln is working or not,the valves at both ends of the filters and traps must be closed to prevent steam or hot water scalding maintenance personnel.

• If the electric valve and solenoid valve have difficulty in opening and closing because of blockage of fine debris, the actuator and solenoid coil of the electric valve should be removed, and the valve spool should be removed manually. If the valve spool can not be opened and closed, the fine debris should be removed. Electric valves and solenoid valves shall be filled with high temperature resistant liquid lubricants every two months. If atomizing hot water is used in the spray system, the spray head must be cleaned after each drying.


3. Fan,motor

• Every three months, check the fixed condition of fan and motor. Fastening bolts for connecting wind blade and motor shaft, fan coil and fan frame, motor and motor base.

• Every three months, add motor lubricant.Motor lubricating oil is recommended as high temperature resistant grease(the temperature resistance is above 350 C),which can be purchased by users themselves or from our company. When filling motor lubricant, the filling hole at the other end must be opened manually to remove air.


4. Drying kiln

• Drying kiln should always be well sealed.

• For civil kiln, such as cracking of cement wall or cement shedding caused by collision of wood and forklift truck,it must be repaired in time.

• For the metal kiln shell,if forklift truck or wood destroys the drying kiln body,the aluminum alloy plate should be repaired in time.The method is to cover the damaged area with aluminium alloy plate, rivet it, and seal it with silica gel around it.


5. Moisture discharging system

• The rotating part of the dehumidification system shall be filled with ordinary lubricating oil every two months.


6. Drying kiln doors

• Drying kiln doors and doors should be well sealed. Seal strips should be checked periodically for ageing or breakage. If so, they should be replaced in time.


7. Door opener

• The door opener requires easy lifting and transverse movement. Butter is required for turbine boxes, racks, pulleys and upper tracks every three months. The lower track ditch shall be free of debris, sand and other debris that hinder the operation of the door opener.

Preventive Maintenance of Wood Drying Equipment

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