Stainless Steel

  • Electric Valve System

    Electric Valve System

    The stainless steel solenoid valve for heating produced with German patent acts reliably, and is resistant to corrosion and long service life.

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  • Kiln Probe And Junction Box

    Kiln Probe And Junction Box

    The probe and Junction box are installed in the kiln.They are used to inspect the temperature and moisture inside the kiln.

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  • Kiln Radiator

    Kiln Radiator

    The radiator is bimetallic structure and the core tube is stainless steel tube.The outside of the tube is aluminum fins.A number of finned tube are parallel welded as a group at both ends of the assembly tube.The numbers of radiators depends on the drying room capacity.Opening heating control system on the pipe system,when the steam passes through the radiator,the radiator will give off the heat to increase indoor temterature and heat the wood.

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  • Stainless Steel Food Drying Kiln

    Stainless Steel Food Drying Kiln

    Hot air circulation drying kiln adopts noise elimination and thermal stable axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system. The entire circulation system is enclosed to make that the efficiency of the drying heat kiln increases from 3~7% of the traditional drying kiln to 35~45% of the present one. The highest heat efficiency can be up to 50%. The successful design of CT-C hot air circulation kiln makes that the hot air circulation drying kiln in our country reach the advanced level in the world.

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